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For every site built and maintained we offer a web analytics service. We use Google Analytics™ to monitor and review the performance of your web site. 

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Web Analytics is all about return on investment (ROI). As a business you need to know if your website is delivering. No more guessing, web analytics provides the hard data to make the right decisions about your digital footprint. Once a site is built and live the next step is to understand how well your site is performing:

  • How many customers are visiting your site?
  • Where are they coming from – google search, facebook, twitter, referred from other sites?
  • How long do they stay on your site?
  • What pages do they view and for how long
  • Which page do they leave the site from

Google Analytics - Certified

It’s so important that once a site is live that on a regular basis the performance of the site is reviewed and adjustments made to maximise the sites success. Success of a website can be measured in a number of different ways:

  • How many customers fill in your contact form?
  • How many orders are taken for an e-commerce site?
  • How many leads are generated from your site?
  • How many customers reviewed an FAQ page, had a question answered or reviewed a knowledge base article for a support site?

The purpose of this is to understand and optimise web usage. It means you can both measure your customers interaction with your site and importantly the effectiveness of a web site.

Types of Web Analytics Reports

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