Therapist Hourly Rate Calculator

Setting a fee you charge clients can be a minefield - what the market will stand, what you need to make a living, what competitors charge and what you feel comfortable charging.

The fee calculator below aims to help address this problem with looking at what you actual need to ensure your business survives and you can continue to help people and also how your business overheads impact the fee as well.

  • Business Overheads Including My Salary

  • Enter the amount here you would like to take home each year after tax has been paid.
  • Determine your business overheads by adding up all your expenses - car/travel, insurance, office expenses, marketing, professional fees, employee salaries (if applicable).
  • Hours Of Therapy I Can Work In A Year

  • 52 weeks in a year but remember your unlikely to work this. Take off a suggested 6 weeks hols = 46 weeks as a default. Amend if you want to take off less or more weeks.
  • Billable hours you will work with clients in a week, suggested 15 hours of sessions each week, rest of time is non working admin, lead generation. Use 15 or amend to more or less to a level your comfortable with.
  • What I Should Charge My Clients

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.