The Buzz Web Design Process

How we ensure we deliver results for you.

1. The Proposal

The proposal will state how the solution will deliver value, based on your objectives, target audience and the expected benefits. It will state the expected delivery timeline and investment required by you.

2. The Discovery

We’ll undertake a detailed discovery and gathering phase that will pull together all the required content (text, images, videos) for the web site - who is providing it and the format it will be provided in and the delivery date.

3. The Prototype

We’ll complete an initial web site build with all the key features for you to review and feedback on. It won’t have all the ‘bells and whistles’ but you’ll get a good feel for the overall layout and working functions.

4. The Design

This is the phase where we go to town on the colours, graphics, visual appeal and branding of your site. Not forgetting the all important user experience, ease of use and navigation.

5. The Delivery

We’ll complete final build of the site, plug in all the features and test extensively. We’ll then work with you to complete user testing with your target audience.

6. The Launch

All systems go! We’ll work with you to agree a launch date and complete a series of pre-launch checks. We’ll monitor the web site and ensure all is functioning as expected.

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