How Much Should You Pay For A Website?

In this article, I’ll explain what you should expect to pay for a website and what you might expect to get for your money. So let’s get to it.

OK, so the problem is all websites look the same right? – it’s a bit like a choosing a TV they all display a great picture and you can change the channels but the prices vary massively according to size of screen, quality of the screen and technical bits and bobs that very often mean little to you when purchasing. Further down the road you can guarantee that technical blurb was important to ensure your new TV remains future proofed and a lasting part of your home. Well, a website is very similar on the surface it all looks very much the same but behind the scenes, they certainly aren’t the same.

It’s important to think about what you want from your website, how it aligns with your business and marketing plans and then consider which of the following categories you might fall into:

New Kid On The Block Website Owner

The one-page website – you don’t expect your website to generate any leads for you and have no feature requirements other than name and contact form – you just believe you need one to remain current. If you fall into this category and you have zero expectation of anyone finding you through your website – it’s nothing more than an information source to direct customers to. Then price wise you’d be best looking at the site builders like – Wix and Squarespace. These are mass produced websites which are difficult to get any serious google search exposure but you will get a website that looks good and performs the basics. In truth, some look really good. But don’t expect it to grow with you too much. Plus you’re on your own with it. Support is available but it can be frustrating.

Price range – £10-£15 Per Month 


Round The Block A Few Times Website Owner

Maybe you’ve had a website for a couple years or you’re new to websites but are ambitious to use it to generate leads and drive business growth. You see it as your main marketing tool. Your requirements are simple now but you’ve grand plans for where you want to go and expectations on how the website should support this journey.

The price goes up in this category because you need something tailored to your business and need specialist advice on how to get it done. Plus you need to bring in the SEO (search engine optimisation) element as well – ensuring you can be found on Google. This should be considered at the start. The price below should give you a level of SEO but don’t expect great things here – you may be advised that SEO is charged as a separate setup and on-going service. Try to avoid a cookie-cutter agency when it comes to SEO you want something tailored to your business and not a one size fits all approach. If one company is doing the website and another SEO you want make sure they are talking to each other throughout the website build. SEO is very difficult and costly to bolt on at a later stage so consider it right at the start.

Always look for the company that built the site to maintain it. Don’t be fooled to think ‘build it once and they shall come’ mentality. A website needs constant tending.

Be prepared that the price below will go up the more features you need on a website. The price below is for a fairly basic setup but would include a range of pages, bespoke design, basic SEO, social media links, a relatively complex form.

Price range – Setup £1K-£3K Plus On-Going Monthly Charge £30-£60 (possible additional charges for SEO work)

Owns The Block Website Owner

OK so your website is your ‘shop front’ all your business goes through it – from cradle to grave. Customer’s find you on google and they shop and purchase via your website. If your website goes down then your business is losing sales opportunities immediately. This is where you are entering the world of e-commerce. Prices are high in this category because the stakes are high. The website needs to be robust, secure, optimised to be found on google and offer a great user experience from browsing products to placing an order. A price will be dictated by how many products you have to sell, how many payment gateways are being offered and any bespoke development that may be required to link to your backend office systems.

Price range – Setup £8K+ Plus On-Going Monthly Charge £120+  (additional charges for SEO work)


As you can see it’s a broad price range and it comes down to what your overall objective and expectation is of the website and underlying business and marketing goals. There are some great website builders out there but don’t make the mistake of shoe-horning your business into these. Your business is unique and so should your website be. If a website is a small part in your marketing plans then you may be able to go very cheap, if it’s one of the key sources then you’ll need to pay more. With websites it really is ‘you get what you pay for’

A website is an investment, not an expense.

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