What are the tell-tale signs of having a website nightmare?


Commons signs you’re having a nightmare with your website. You’re just getting enough clients When you ask people how they found you, they didn’t realise you had a website You’re getting no clients via your website contact form, and you’re not even sure if the contact form works anymore You haven’t touched it in years,…

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GDPR – What does it all mean? Nuts and Bolts


In last week’s article, I provided an overview of GDPR and covered the basics – GDPR Overview – Do they mean me?  This week I want to look in detail at some of the technical elements and requirements of GDPR and what it means to your business. As we learned last week GDPR has 99 articles,…

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Do They Mean Me? GDPR – Overview and The Basics

In a series of articles, I’ll cover GDPR and what it means to your business – the basics, responsibilities, requirements, rights of data subjects, data breaches and how to go about compliance. In this article, I’ll provide an overview of GDPR and explain the basics of the regulation. If your business holds data of any…

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5 Good Reasons To Smarten Up and Get Your Website Secure

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It’s free, good for your business, your customers will notice it and it will boost your Google rankings! What is it? A web site padlock is a small green padlock that is displayed in the far left hand side of your browser bar. It indicates your website is protecting sensitive information as it travels across the…

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