What are the tell-tale signs of having a website nightmare?


Commons signs you’re having a nightmare with your website. You’re just getting enough clients When you ask people how they found you, they didn’t realise you had a website You’re getting no clients via your website contact form, and you’re not even sure if the contact form works anymore You haven’t touched it in years,…

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New Website For Patricia Murphy | Therapist and Writer

Patricia Murphy - Mental Healthcare Therapist

New website design for Patricia Murphy – offering therapy services to adults in the Kent area. Patricia also blogs and writes extensively for highly regarded mental health publications. A new podcasting offering is also under development. website design search engine optimisation blogging capability web analytics Do you need help with your WordPress website project? Get in…

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How To Choose A Domain Name That Works For Your Business?

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

10 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name Choosing a domain name can be a painful process. It’s going to be with you a long time so you want to get it right. Changing a domain name further down the road is best avoided. You want one that will work well for branding but equally…

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How Much Should You Pay For A Website?


In this article, I’ll explain what you should expect to pay for a website and what you might expect to get for your money. So let’s get to it. OK, so the problem is all websites look the same right? – it’s a bit like a choosing a TV they all display a great picture…

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To Logo Or Not To Logo


Why do you need a logo? What’s it’s purpose and do you actually need one? In this blog post, we’ll look at the purpose of a logo and whether every business actually needs one.  Many businesses either have no visual identity or a poorly designed one – is that even a problem? Conveys A Message…

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website


In this article you’ll learn 5 key reasons why you should update your website. A website today is the cornerstone of all your marketing activities. It drives brand awareness, leads and sales. It’s a bit like a salesperson – you set targets for them, you monitor and review, you train them etc. Well a website…

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