Hey, I Want To See My Data

It’s arrived UK GDPR is now enforceable and while we may all be tempted to sit back and relax feeling confident we’ve ticked all the boxes there is still plenty to be vigilant on – we need to ensure we’re up to speed on managing our ongoing obligations under GDPR. One of the most commonly…

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Branding, Website and Marketing For Rock Paraplanning

Rock Paraplanning Website Design and Development

Hot off the press Buzz Web Design and Consultancy have just completed delivering a branding, website design and marketing service for a Rock Paraplanning, a new startup in the sector of financial paraplanning services. It’s great to work on a business from startup and be able to jointly develop with a client a visual brand…

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What To Do If Customer Data Is Lost, Stolen or Destroyed


There is a growing realisation among not only security professionals but also within businesses themselves that at some point customer data will be compromised or stolen. In 2017 there were a number of high profile incidents impacting companies such as Equifax, Bupa and Uber – all reporting significant data breaches involving the compromise of personal…

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8 Important Steps To GDPR Happiness


GDPR Compliance A Step By Step Guide In the last two articles, I’ve written on GDPR  have been about GDPR what it is and what it might mean for you and your clients (Overview and Basics and GDPR Nuts and Bolts). In this article, I want to focus on how you can go about implementing GDPR…

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GDPR – What does it all mean? Nuts and Bolts


In last week’s article, I provided an overview of GDPR and covered the basics – GDPR Overview – Do they mean me?  This week I want to look in detail at some of the technical elements and requirements of GDPR and what it means to your business. As we learned last week GDPR has 99 articles,…

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Do They Mean Me? GDPR – Overview and The Basics

In a series of articles, I’ll cover GDPR and what it means to your business – the basics, responsibilities, requirements, rights of data subjects, data breaches and how to go about compliance. In this article, I’ll provide an overview of GDPR and explain the basics of the regulation. If your business holds data of any…

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